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  • RT @SocksyBear: My favourite KFC server just asked me what my favourite character was in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Ahmed, you're an absolute do… 19/Jan/2017 13:40:43
  • RT @IGNUK: Here are our Top 10 Resident Evil Characters https://t.co/DCiR9dmXwh https://t.co/ZHilvk5jEy 19/Jan/2017 09:15:16
  • RT @RE_Games: Got some questions about RE7 son? Ask Nakanishi, director and Kawata, producer, in our Community Interview! #AskNaKawa https:… 18/Jan/2017 19:42:36
  • RT @Gala_Morgane: My collection of geekery is growing!! I need a new desk! https://t.co/tTC7Vjtj3H 18/Jan/2017 13:12:33
  • RT @RE_Games: Check out all the really scary things we found in our European Collector's Edition Unboxing video! https://t.co/w897KTQSSn 18/Jan/2017 11:00:49
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