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  • The Rotten Vale is a treacherous placed filled with danger and peril.. are you prepared to face the challenges? 📺… https://t.co/fjgI4wjKAu 15/Jan/2018 17:34:53
  • RT @TheStreetWriter: Heads-up, the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition day one patch size is 21GB. Can’t remember who asked me this so just p… 15/Jan/2018 13:03:43
  • RT @TheStreetWriter: Limited!!! 😮 Going to donate one of these boxed SFII 30th Anniversary carts to the @WinnerStaysOn Open that’s going do… 15/Jan/2018 11:46:24
  • RT @TheStreetWriter: I remember when my attempts at pulling off a Shoryuken used to be 1/3 success, 1/3 Hadoken and 1/3 whiffed normal. htt… 15/Jan/2018 10:45:18
  • RT @eventhubs: ICYMI: Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition video that gives all the juicy details on everyone's new V-Triggers https://t.co/G16… 14/Jan/2018 15:14:53
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