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  • RT @SocksyBear: Check out this DOPE art from @JnXC_ of me in my SNS-SOS Mixed Set! https://t.co/zc4vZ1vJV9 15/Nov/2018 16:39:01
  • Ready your katana! Onimusha: Warlords is now available for pre-order on, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam! https://t.co/7BNstrdNDq 15/Nov/2018 14:20:30
  • RT @Tyrant_UK: We are on stream now with @FrameAdvantage_ LIVE! Come chill with me and @DopeBoyPackz from @Capcom_UK HQ! https://t.co/v9lw… 15/Nov/2018 13:15:27
  • RT @RE_Games: Hehehe, welcome, stranger...! We're continuing RE4 for our weekly streams with our community manager @ImKatastrophe! 4PM GM… 15/Nov/2018 12:12:57
  • RT @monsterhunter: 🔴 LIVE NOW. https://t.co/eewHp4lfvW 14/Nov/2018 14:19:35
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