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  • RT @FrameAdvantage_: "How do I improve in SFV?" Very common question, with the reply almost always being "watch your losses back". But wh… 17/Oct/2018 23:36:51
  • RT @DevilMayCry: Shout-outs to @NegaEdgelord for achieving an S-rank at tonight’s #DMC5 demo event at @drinkrelaxplay Server in London 🗡🔥🗡🔥… 17/Oct/2018 21:52:09
  • RT @DevilMayCry: Shout-outs to the @TheMoogleKing for being the first player to score an S-rank at the #DMC5 demo event at @drinkrelaxplay… 17/Oct/2018 19:31:45
  • RT @DevilMayCry: Shout-outs to Jack Walker for achieving Smokin’ Sexy Style in the Devil May Cry 5 TGS demo and bagging himself a Nero t-sh… 17/Oct/2018 18:20:57
  • We’re ready to kick off the #DMC5 hands-on event here at the @drinkrelaxplay Loading bar in London. Head on down to… https://t.co/I1BdIZr8WB 17/Oct/2018 16:38:36
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